Aid 2014-2020

The monitoring of projects funded within the scope of Plans and Programmes that make use of the resources of the 2014-2020 cohesion policies is backed by details and information for all initiatives that involve the granting of State aid. In particular, as defined under the Single Data-Exchange Protocol of the 2014-2020 Unitary Monitoring System, it is possible to identify the exact administrative procedure that activated the aid grant, and detailed information on the type of aid co-financed by European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds is also available.

More specifically, it is possible to know, in association with each project monitored as a “grant of aid”, if it is:

  • a measure of State aid authorised following a general notification to the EC or drawn from the Programme concerned;
  • an aid measure exempt from notification in accordance with applicable legislation;
  • a de minimis State aid measure;
  • an existing aid measure pursuant to Article 1, letter b, of Regulation (EC) no. 659/1999.

As soon as 2014-2020 data from the Unitary Monitoring System are available, this section of the OpenCoesione website will provide access to “Focus on Aid” to view and download all open data and information associated with each project that is associated with a grant of aid (e.g. financial and procedural information, associated parties, location). Using the Single Project Code (Codice Unico di Progetto - CUP) and the Unique Aid Code, this information also enables full interoperability with the Italian National State Aid Register, which is currently being implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development. The register provides access to all information gathered during the registration process of the aid granted, in accordance with the transparency and disclosure obligations provided for under Italian and European legislation governing State aid.