Networks and digital services

The theme includes network infrastructure and broadband / ultra-broadband connectivity, services for citizens and enterprises and aid to enterprises for the development of new technologies. It also includes interventions for multimedia educational networks and laboratories in schools, e-government projects, e-health services (centralized medical appointment hubs, services provided by the means of national Health Card, online services for networks of general practitioners) and e-inclusion (active citizenship, e–participation, public access centers to the web).


The evolution of the territorial context on this theme is represented by some statistical indicators available on Database of territorial indicators for development policies (ISTAT)

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Household internet access

The share of households declaring accessibility to the internet exceeded 70% already in 2017 at  national level and in 2019 also in South Italian regions.
The growth trend continued and in 2021 the share exceeded 81% in Italy and almost marked 80% for the 8 southern regions.

Percentage of households with broadband access out of the total number of households

Broadband in enterprises

The broadband diffusion index in enterprises measures the share of enterprises (with more than 10 employees) that have broadband access to the internet.
In 2021, the level of diffusion is close to 99% with a higher value in the South than the national average.

Percentage of enterprises (with more than ten employees) in the industrial and service sectors that have a broadband connection

Since 2007 up to today, the value of projects monitored and supported by cohesion policies in digital networks and services has exceeded 10 billion euros, out of which over 6 billion concern projects financed in the 2014-2020 programming period.

69,955 Funded projects
€ 10.3 billion Public fundings
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