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Updated on 28/02/2022
Funding monitored € 23,000.00 of which cohesion funds € 23,000.00
Given name Amount
Development and Cohesion Fund23000.00
Payments monitored € 0.00 of which cohesion funds € 0.00
Year Amount Cumulative amount Percentage on public financing

State of progress

Expected start: 20/06/2019
Effective start: 20/06/2019
Expected end: 31/05/2022
Effective end: not available


At the School of OpenCohesion

OpenCoesione goes to School followed this project in edition 2019-20 with the team “CoolTour_23” of “ISTITUTO TECNICO INDUSTRIALE PER IL SETTORE TECNOLOGICO CAMPOBASSO” of Campobasso, CAMPOBASSO.

Programming area

2014-2020 National Development and Cohesion Fund
2014-2020 National Development and Cohesion Fund
DCF strategic sector
Turismo, cultura e valorizzazione risorse naturali
DCF area axis
Sviluppo del turismo

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