2021-2027 Ongoing partner discussion

2014-2020 Italy Partnership Agreement Draft  has been releaed on 23 June 2021 as sent to Commission services. 

Work on cohesion policy programming in Italy for the 2021–2027 cycle began on 27 March 2019. In accordance with Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 240/2014 on the European code of conduct on partnership, these discussions are to engage all of the country’s economic, social and institutional partners.

Partner discussions at this stage have been organised into five Thematic Discussion Tables, one for each of the policy objectives of the proposal for a Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) concerning the funds:

Thematic Discussion Table 1: A Smarter Europe

Thematic Discussion Table 2: A Greener Europe

Thematic Discussion Table 3: A More Connected Europe

Thematic Discussion Table 4: A More Social Europe

Thematic Discussion Table 5: A Europe Closer to Citizens

All partners are called upon to play an active role in the programming process by way of specific contributions that will, together with all that has already emerged from the discussions, help the Department to prepare a summary of the outcome of each round-table discussion. The five documents will then be used and refined in the subsequent preparatory phases for the Partnership Agreement and Operational Programmes.


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The round-table discussions take account of the guidance concerning investments financed by 2021-2027 cohesion policy for Italy as expressed in Annex D of the 2019 Country Report, which provides the basis for dialogue between Italy and the related Commission services. 

The purpose of these discussions is to identify and gradually define the scope, the procedures, and the intensity of action of 2021–2027 cohesion policy within the scope of each of the five objectives. To guide the work, the Department for Cohesion Policies has proposed four “unifying themes”:

  • quality work
  • natural resources for future generations
  • standardisation and quality in services for citizens
  • culture as a vehicle for economic and social cohesion

which represent four challenges that Italy will have to face when working towards the European objectives and the core elements of which may be found in the 2021–2027 cohesion policy programming document on the preparatory work for partner discussions prepared by the Department for Cohesion Policies and distributed to the economic, social and institutional partners in April 2019.