This portal is entirely developed with open source technologies and here you will find the software stack used.

The source of the data on projects accessible through the navigation and consultation tools available on this portal, published in the Open data section and via API, is the Inspectorate General for Financial Relations with the EU (IGRUE) of the State General Accounting Office, which manages the National Monitoring System populated by all the Administrations involved in the implementation of cohesion policies in Italy.

Type of license for OpenCoesione datasets

OpenCoesione data and contents, unless otherwise specified, are released under the CC-BY 4.0 license. 

Licenza Creative Commons

This is the "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International" license where you can consult the full description.

This means that, unless otherwise specified, the contents of this site are freely distributable and reusable, provided that the source is always indicated and - where possible - together with the URL of the web page where the datasets / contents to be licensed are published. 

The choice of the Attribution license is aimed at promoting the creation of new contents and products born from the reuse of published data.


Open data licenses

According to the definition of The Open Knowledge Foundation Open Data Handbook, a data is open if it can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone - subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and sharealike.

The list of the main licenses that can be used by administrations for the publication of open data has been summarized by AGID in the National Guidelines for the enhancement of public information assets, highlighting the various user licenses that can be classified as open and not open.

Licenses that do not allow re-use and derivative works, even for commercial purposes (for example, licenses that contain "Non Commercial - NC" and / or "Non Derivative - ND" clauses and / or any other clause that limits the possibility of reuse and data redistribution), cannot be considered valid for identifying open datasets.

In fact, open data can be licensed with a request for attribution and also with a request to share the processed data in an open format. In particular, the licenses that impose the attribution of data ownership allow the data to be copied, distributed and exposed to the public, as well as to modify the data for the creation of derivative works, including for commercial purposes, with the sole constraint of attributing in the authorship of the data in an appropriate manner. This category includes the CC-BY license of the family of international Creative Commons licenses, the IODL (Italian Open Data License) in its version 2.0 and the Open Data Commons Attribution License (ODC-BY) for data / databases.

The licenses that impose, in addition to the attribution of authorship of the data, also to re-license the processed data in an open format - however - allow the reuse of the data also for commercial purposes provided that the distribution of any derivative works takes place with the same identical license governing elementary data. This category includes the CC-BY-SA license of the family of Creative Commons international licenses, the IODL (Italian Open Data License) in its version 1.0 and the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).