4th OGP Action Plan: OpenCoesione engaged in open data


OpenCoesione has been one of the nationwide initiatives within the scope of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) since 2013 and Italy’s first action plan, and now, with publication of the 4th national action plan, the organisation is renewing its commitment to transparency in governance and to the active engagement of the citizenry.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international initiative aimed at supporting participating nations in making government more transparent, responsible, and open to innovation.

The Programming Evaluation and Analysis Unit (PEAU) of the Department for Cohesion within Italy’s Office of the Prime Minister has taken on two specific commitments within the scope of the general “Open Data” objective of the recently published 4th national open government action plan. These commitments concern:

  • OpenCoesione, with ambitious plans for the release of linked open data on public investment, new open data, and the reuse of data, including international testing of the model of active engagement known as “OpenCoesione Goes to School”;
  • assets sequestered from organised crime, with concerted efforts together with Italy’s National Agency for the Administration and Allocation of Sequestered Assets (ANBSC) focused on developing an open data system and initiatives for asset transparency and with the contribution of the associations Libera and OnData and of civil society at large for the ConfiscatiBene portal. These efforts are among those planned within the national strategy for the use of sequestered assets through cohesion policies approved by way of CIPE Resolution 25/2018, implementation of which will also include the active engagement of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and Italy’s Ministry of the Interior and National Accounting Office.

Information about the 4th open government plan may be found at open.gov.it.