Market research for the development of the application OpenCoesione post-2020

Studiare Sviluppo - the organization responsible for implementing the Project OpenCoesione 2.0 - has published a Call for inviting economic operators interested in providing services concerning the hosting, development, and ordinary and system maintenance of the application OpenCoesione post 2020. ...


The webinar presenting the ASOC 2021-2022 edition is scheduled for 29th September

On Wednesday 29th September, starting at 3 pm will take place the webinar to present the 2021-2022 edition of At the School of OpenCohesion (ASOC).

During the online session, the ASOC Team will illustrate the novelties, the project and its ...


At the School of OpenCohesion: the call for submission of applications for the 2021-2022 edition

The Ministry of Education has published the call for submission of applications for the participation in the 2021-2022 edition of At the School of OpenCohesion (ASOC). The project is aimed at all upper secondary schools interested to engage in ...


OpenCoesione is hiring!

We are looking for experts for the OpenCoesione and "At the School of OpenCoesione" teams with expertise in Data & Policy analysis, , Community management, web development and design, innovative teaching and legal expertise focused on transparency, public data reuse, ...


Submission of applications for ASOC2021: Deadline postponed at 20th October

The submission of the applications to the 2020-2021 edition of At the School of OpenCohesion, the educational programme that promotes and develops principles of active and aware citizenship in Italian schools by the means of civic monitoring of public ...


ASOC 2020-2021 edition: Applications are now open

Starting from 10th September 2020 - the upper secondary schools are invited to submit their applications for participation in the eigth edition of the interdisciplinary educational programme At the School of OpenCohesion which will take place during the 2020-2021 school ...


At the School of OpenCoesion: the call for applications for the 2019-2020 edition is online

The call for participation in the eighth edition of the interdisciplinary educational programme on open data, data journalism and cohesion policies has been published on the website of At the School of OpenCohesion (ASOC).

Upper secondary school students of ...


Territorial Public Accounts: call for experts

The system of Territorial Public Accounts, whose datasets referring to the annual financial flows of the Enlarged Public Sector are also published in the open data section of the OpenCoesione portal, is looking for some experts within the project ...


Territorial animation expert selection for the OpenCoesione Team

Just published a call to select an expert for territorial animation to support OpenCoesione working group.

Details on the application methods and selection criteria and procedures are available in the website of Studiare Sviluppo here.

Deadline for applications submitting ...


Selezione esperto di comunicazione per il team OpenCoesione

Aperta la call per selezionare un esperto per le attività di comunicazione a supporto del gruppo di lavoro dedicato all’iniziativa OpenCoesione.

I dettagli sulle modalità di candidatura e su criteri e procedure di selezione sono disponibili nell’Avviso pubblicato ...