Teams Admitted for the 6th Edition of OpenCoesione Goes to School Now Online

The secondary schools that will be participating in the project OpenCoesione Goes to School (ASOC) for the 2018-2019 school year have now been selected. 

On the whole, 176 teams (classes or groups of classes) from 155 schools have been admitted, including 64 schools from northern and central Italy and 112 schools from southern Italy.

In relation to the specific partnership agreements with certain regional governments: 

  • 26 teams have been admitted in Calabria from 22 schools, 1 of which subject to confirmation;
  • 39 teams have been admitted in Campania from 32 schools, 3 of which subject to confirmation;
  • 9 teams have been admitted in Sardinia from 9 schools, 2 of which subject to confirmation;
  • 27 teams have been admitted in Sicily from 26 schools, 1 of which subject to confirmation.

All of the schools admitted will be notified of their acceptance via e-mail using the addresses provided when submitting their candidacy and will be provided additional information on the start of activities.

The schools that remain subject to confirmation will be contacted by the ASOC1819 team for details on what they need to do to complete their applications. This additional documentation must be submitted before the programme begins.

Download MIUR Circular of 31 October 2018
Download the complete list of candidate schools with the results of their candidacy.

For the 2018-2019 edition, ASOC has broadened the network of partners participating in the project by formalizing an agreement with Italy’s National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) and has made new “Friends of ASOC” with the help of recommendations by the candidate schools in order to continue engaging those who are already active in their communities in specific areas of cohesion policy or other broad-based issues, such as transparency, lawfulness, or the reuse of open data.

Here you will find a list of the organizations that will be working with the classes throughout the project for the current school year. Some of these were already a part of the ASOC Community, whereas others (in a different color in the list) have begun just this year to assist teachers and students in their community. All of the organizations are engaged in a programme of online education in order to contribute to the ASOC project and, at the end of the school year, will be included in the definitive list of “Friends of ASOC”.

Here you will find a list of the Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs) that, for the current school year, will be supporting the schools in this innovative education programme that promotes the principles of informed civic engagement by using information and communication technologies (ICT) and open data in order to help students learn about and communicate how public investment is being used in their communities.

The education programme is scheduled to begin on 8 november with webinars for the teachers at the participating schools, for the EDICs, ISTAT experts and for the Friends of ASOC, which will be contacted directly for additional details.

In the next few weeks a new MIUR Circular will be published to launch the call for proposals to participate to the new ASOC pilot interdisciplinary programme focused on school building projects with additional awards for learning space.