ASOC presenting at the Biennale Cinema 2021

As a part of the 78th Venice International Film Festival, the Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme is organizing a live event on 2nd September 2021 at the Excelsior hotel in Lido entitled "The cultural and communicative dimension of the European cooperation Programs: Interreg Italy-Croatia".

The event addresses the issue of communication in European projects starting from the visual experiences of the Italy Croatia Programme to shift to new methods of communication and involvement of the institutional and social stakeholders of the area, with the aim to raise awareness of the operations of a European programme and its projects and improve media representatives' knowledge of the use of EU funds, also highlighting their cultural and visual component. Therefore, the initiative is targeting the representatives of the local / regional / national press, TV, radio and specialized magazines operating in the fields of culture, tourism, the environment and transport.

The innovative educational initiative "At the School of OpenCohesion" will be presented, together with an anticipation of the pilot initiative ASOC-CTE, currently in preparation phase, that plans to enable and bring together classes of Italian and Croatian students in carrying out civic monitoring research on projects financed by the Italy-Croatia Programme. Furthermore the ASOC will illustrate new communication methods that the initiative introduced during its lifecycle in promoting the active participation of young people and local communities.

During the event will intervene the responsible of the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat of the Italy-Croatia Programme and the Italian and Croatian representatives of the seventeen projects (Standard +, Standard and Strategic) financed by the Programme in the 2014-2020 programming period, that will present in communicative and creative manner actions and project results that have had the greatest impact on the territories of the cross-border area. The event will be held in the official language of the Programme which is English.

For the detailed agenda of the event and to find out how to participate in the event (only 4 places available for media representatives) visit the official website of the Italy-Croatia Programme.