ASOC Stories: a monthly column to acknowledge the civic monitoring impact


ASOC Stories is born and it represents a content published monthly that describes the impact of the civic monitoring actions carried out by the students of the "At the School of OpenCohesion" project on the operations financed in Italy by cohesion policies.

A journey invites the reader to meet the students “beyond the school desks” and directly in the territories where stories of concrete changes take shape, thanks to the activities carried out by the ASOC young communities.

On Friday 13th May 2022 the first of the ASOC Stories - published in the new ASOC+ section of the At the School of OpenCohesion” web portal - is dedicated to the WeARTogether team coming from Liceo Enrico Fermi "in Aversa (CE), which took part in the 2020-2021 edition of ASOC and was monitoring the Move to Cloud project of the Campania Region. During the International Scholastic Tourism and Out of the Classroom Education Exchange, in March 2022, they were mentioned as "Young ambassadors of Campania's cultural heritage".

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