Le ricerche di ASOC sui Beni Confiscati

Presented in conjunction with the launch of the ConfiscatiBene 2.0 website, a new video shows the work of students who have chosen the issue of sequestered assets for research within the scope of the OpenCoesione Goes to School (ASOC) initiative.

Seven studies have been conducted by students looking into assets sequestered from organized crime syndicates and returned to the community over the course of the five editions of ASOC.

The projects selected saw students engaged in monitoring the conversion and redevelopment of the real estate to be used for projects of social inclusion, the promotion of a culture of lawfulness, and the sustainable development of the community.

The various team videos have been unified into the video “ASOC Studies of Sequestered Assets”.


Le ricerche ASOC sui Beni Confiscati from OpenCoesione on Vimeo.

The following is a list of the teams and projects presented in the video: