Corsa Rosa della Coesione, Stage 11: Carpi – Novi Ligure

Today is stage 11 of the Giro d’Italia, which runs from Carpi, in Emilia Romagna, along the Via Aemilia and finishes in Novi Ligure, known as the City of Champions to the world of Italian cycling. It was here in Novi Ligure in 2003 that the Museum of Champions was opened in commemoration of Italian cycling champions Costante Girardengo and Fausto Coppi. For Corsa Rosa della Coesione, two projects of small financial value and centred around sports and social inclusion have been selected. 

In Carpi, the cohesion-policy project chosen for this competition is a project of career training and employment for vulnerable segments of the population. The public cost of this project, which is still under way, is €448,000 in funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) managed by the Region of Emilia Romagna and is one of the projects of active employment policy that, within the 2014-2020 programming cycle, seeks to help unemployed women, unemployed men over the age of 50, the disabled, and others at risk of marginalisation to enter the workforce.

 In Novi Ligure, in memory of the museum’s two great champions, Corsa Rosa della Coesione has selected a project to support sports with the extraordinary maintenance of the San Pietro athletic facility, funded with €86,000 from the Development and Cohesion Fund. This project falls within a series of initiatives for the extraordinary maintenance and refurbishment of sports facilities being supported by the Region of Piedmont to support sports and public wellbeing as a whole. For more information on the topic of sports-related projects that received cohesion-policy funding, we recommend OpenCoesione Brief no. 36.

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