Focus dashboards: update to data as of 31st December 2023


OpenCoesione has updated the data related to the Focuses, now referring to data as of 31st December 2023. Each focus stands as thematic insight into the projects implemented and published on OpenCoesione referring to specific sectoral  policy or specific Strategy financed with cohesion policy funds starting from the 2014-2020 programming period.

The set of projects relating to each focus is available to be downloaded from the opendata section on OpenCoesione portal. From the menu placed in the Home Page, starting from the “Discover data”, it is possible to enter in the section Focus dashboards, which also puts at disposal interactive charts relating to each area, to further explore, among others, the territorial distribution of investments, the progress of projects, the number of projects in the four programming periods 2021-2027, 2014-2020, 2007-2013 and 2000-2006 (limited to programmes financed by the FSC), the scope of funding, the type of projects financed (by nature, by financial class and by level of implementation).

Navigable policy focuses are Tourist attractiveness, Confiscated assets, Culture, Reclamation, Water, Childcare, Innovation Research and Human Capital, Waste, Hydro Reservoir and Mitigation of Seismic Hazard. Also with regard to the 4 focuses that aggregate projects that refer to Strategies financed with Cohesion policy funds starting from the 2014-2020 programming period - Countering the COVID-19 emergency, Climate change and Internal Areas National Strategy SNAI and REACT-EU is is possible to navigate interactive synthetic charts.