Cohesion policy investments in museums

OpenCoesione dedicates a DataCard to the investments of cohesion policies on museums and similar institutions, financed by European structural funds and the national Development and Cohesion Fund. The operations that cohesion policy has addressed to museums are part of a broad "Culture" focus, published on the OpenCoesione portal, which concerns 11,176 projects that have affected the cultural sector, for a public cost of € 7.80 billion and payments for 4.29 billion euros (monitoring data updated to 31 October 2020).

In February 2021 OpenCoesione has published an in-depth analysis on the results of the activity of data merging related to the projects financed by cohesion policies in the cultural field and those of the Istat survey on museums and similar state and non-state institutions. The first published data linkage activity crossed the data of the interventions of the "Culture" focus (updated as at 30 June 2020) with the data of the 4,908 museums, galleries, collections, archaeological areas and parks, monuments and monumental complexes (state and non-state state) surveyed by Istat with reference to 2018.

The results of the matching are: 1,195 projects - both infrastructural and intangible - for a cost of about 1.76 billion euros (equal respectively to 11% of the projects and 23% of the investments recorded in the field of Culture at the reference date). A total of 653 institutions are involved, 7 of which are the protagonists of the stories described in this Data Card: Forte di Bard, “Lorenzo Rota” botanical garden in Bergamo, Bardi Castle, Archaeological Park of the ancient Aeclanum, Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula, National Archaeological Museum of Taranto and Palazzo Ducale in Tricarico.

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