Local civic monitoring and assessment: ASOC and the NAS

A discussion of local civic monitoring by students of At the School of OpenCoesione (ASOC) at the National Assessment System (NAS) event that was held yesterday, 23 January 2019, in Rome, Italy.

The one-day event focused on the actors and mechanisms of local cohesion policyrules, experiences and evaluation—and called attention to local strategies and on the relationship between the various actors contributing to implementation of these policies, from decision makers to project executors, through the sharing of recent experiences, such as the Internal Areas Strategy and certain projects of Urban Development.

During the afternoon session focusing on the role of leading actors in local policy and on new planning approaches and instruments, the ASOC team presented the experience of “OpenCoesione Goes to School” in civic monitoring with secondary-school students, pondering how such practices can become sources of data for evaluation and what local effects they can have, while also showing the outcome of some of these civic monitoring efforts and publishing both a report on the independent platform Monithon and the monitoring data on the projects funded by local cohesion policies concerning Culture and Tourism.

Il monitoraggio civico a supporto della valutazione locale from OpenCoesione