Data Card - World Teachers’ Day


Since 1994, in commemoration of the date of adoption of the UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers in 1966, 5 October has been the day on which we celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

World Teachers’ Day is a day to remember the crucial role teachers play in society and to recognise all those who impart knowledge and creativity to others each and every day. This year, UNESCO will be dedicating the day to the future of teaching and to the role played by younger teachers.

The OpenCoesione data card published for World Teachers’ Day is intended as a particular recognition of the role of teachers who, beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, have participated in the innovative educational project known as At the School of OpenCohesion (ASOC).

Some 1,500 instructors from secondary schools around Italy have assisted more than 20,000 students engaged in the ASOC programme over the years, conducting civic monitoring and research projects based on open data concerning projects financed by public cohesion-policy funding, data which has been published on the OpenCoesione portal.


These “ASOC teachers” accepted the challenge of an educational programme that promotes active, informed citizenship, guiding their students as they learn statistical techniques of data analysis, tools presenting data graphically, data journalism, and the planning and implementation of public policies of territorial development. These instructors have been predominantly female (73%), which reflects the national distribution in Italy (based on open data published on Italy’s Unified Portal of School Data[1]), but, unlike the Italian average, predominantly represent schools in southern Italy and on the Italian isles. 

ASOC teachers come from a range of faculties, a testament to the flexibility and adaptability of the educational programme, which has thus far seen the involvement of instructors from scientific disciplines, at just over 50% of the total, nearly balanced by the language arts. The types of school are also similarly diverse, divided among: technical schools (37%), science-oriented schools (23%), vocational schools (10%), classical lyceums (5%), and other types of schools.

The ASOC programme also offers an opportunity for teacher training recognised by Italy’s Ministry of Education and aimed at a body of teachers that has doubled for the current school year. In addition to the introductory-level training, this teacher training enables those who have participated in previous editions of the project (13% of the instructors on average) to opt for advanced training provided in cooperation with Italy’s National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) in order to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of statistics.

World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to thank all those instructors who have participated in ASOC in Italy over the years and to welcome those who will be joining this group for the 2019-2020 edition, which will, this year, also take place around Europe with the support of the European Commission!


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[1] – Teaching staff, secondary schools. Updated as at 31/08/2018