2007-2013 Funding sources

Regional cohesion policy for the 2007-2013 programming cycle is financed with European funds, to which national co-financing is associated, and with national funds.

Overall, the financial resources for the 2007-2013 programming cycle amount – according to the most recent updated framework, which takes account of modifications in financial allocations over the years – to €89 billion and are composed of various Funds, as shown in the table. Alongside the resources allocated, the table reports the figures for the respective Programmes and projects that are actually monitored. Compared with the programming provided for in CIPE Resolution 166/2007, part of the resources of the Development and Cohesion Fund (formerly the Fund for Underutilised Areas - FAS) were allocated to a number of instruments and purposes for which monitoring under the Unitary Monitoring System of the cohesion policies was not always mandatory.

Financial resources for the 2007-2013 cycle

(millions of euros)


Allocated from resources for the cycle

Observable in the monitoring system

European funds (SF 2007-2013)  
EU Structural Funds F (EFRD, ESF) 27,940.0 27,940.0
National co-financing of Structural Funds 17,841.3 17,841.3
National funds – Development and Cohesion Fund (FSC 2007-2013) (i)
Central programming (ii) 18,131.0 1,617.1
Regional programming (iii) 13,327.1 14,337.0
Uses of regional resources directed with order of the President of the Council of Ministers or under provisions of law (iv) 1,748.4 0.0
Essential services for Italian Mezzogiorno (v) 1,044.0 1,044.0
National funds – Cohesion Action Plan (PAC 2007-2013)  
PAC interventions with own programming (vi) 8,994.0 8,994.0
TOTAL 89,025.8 71,773.4

Updated on 23/03/2018

The source for European funds is Department for Cohesion Policies-OpenCoesione based on data for Operational Programmes co-financed with Structural Funds.

The source for national funds is Department for Cohesion Policies-OpenCoesione based on data from applicable national measures (provisions of law and CIPE resolutions).


(i) Does not include FAS funds allocated to cover the debt of the healthcare system and for local public transport of certain regions and the transfer to the Employment Fund (€2,500 million) and to the Enterprise Guarantee Fund (€600 million); includes €840.8 million from 2000-2006 programming reprogrammed to support the 2007-2013 cycle. For more information concerning the 2007-2013 FSC, see notes ii, iii, iv and v below.

(ii) Resources allocated to central government bodies with CIPE resolutions or the provisions of law for individual special projects. Most of the resources are allocated for purposes that are not monitored in the Unitary Monitoring System. The amount observable in the monitoring system includes also additional resources from funds under the FSC 2014-2020, totalling €550 million allocated to metropolitan area plans to counter hydrogeological instability, partly funded with 2007-2013 resources as well.

(iii) Resources allocated to the Regional Implementation Programmes (Programmi Attuativi Regionali, PAR) of the Centre-North regions (with the exception of Lazio), Abruzzo and Molise and resources allocated to regional government in Southern Italy and the Centre-North with CIPE resolutions for sectors or individual regional territories. The amount observable in the monitoring system includes additional resources from funds under the FSC 2014-2020, totalling €1,047 million allocated to restore funding for projects being implemented that had seen their 2007-2013 funding cut and it excludes €37 million allocated to system actions.

(iv) These are resources for special and emergency purposes that are not monitored in the Unitary Monitoring System.

(v) In addition to allocations to support the Essential Services initiative for Italian Mezzogiorno (Obiettivi di Servizio - ODS) under CIPE Resolution 79/2012, the figure also includes €50 million that the same resolution allocated to fund initiatives for schools damaged by the seismic activity in the Emilia-Romagna region and an additional €0.848 million later allocated for the same purpose by the region of Molise from its share of the ODS defined in the CIPE resolution.

(vi) These are resources from the Revolving Fund generated by the reduction in the national co-financing of the Operational Programmes of the 2007-2013 Structural Funds, which were allocated to cohesion policy initiatives and programmes financed entirely with national funds (PAC 2007-2013). The amount does not include interventions connected with the strategic objectives of the PAC 2007-2013 but implemented within the reprogramming of the priorities in the 2007-2013 Operational Programmes.