Resources 2021-2027

2021-2027 period total resourcesThe cohesion policies relating to the 2021-2027 programming period are financed both by national and by European funds, to which the national co-financing is associated. The main source of fundings is represented by the Italian National Cohesion and Development Fund (FSC), followed by the European Structural Funds (European Fund for Regional Development - ERDF and European Social Fund Plus - ESF+) which require the national co-financing quote. According to the nature of cohesion policies the allocated resources amount to 142.688,7 million of euro for the seven-year period, while 102.481,1 million of euros are allocated to the Southern Regions  (data updated at 31 august 2023).

The resources coming from Next Generation EU for the REACT-EU initiative are not represented in this table, but are accounted for in the 2014-2020 programming period in consideration of their finalization as a financial complement to the 2014-2020 European Programmes.

After the definition and launch of the programmes, these will enter the National Monitoring System of cohesion policies and at that point the data will be dynamically displayed and published in open data on the OpenCoesione portal.

Financial resources related to the 2021-2027 period

  • EU Funds
  • National Funds
  • Southern Italy
  • Centre North
  • Not distributed