2007-2013 Strategies

The national strategy for the 2007-2013 cohesion policy cycle is defined in the National Strategy Framework (NSF), the reference document for the planning of both European structural funds and additional national funding of the Development and Cohesion Fund (DCF, formerly the Fund for Underutilised Areas)

At the European level, it is a document that each Member State needs to present to the European Commission in order to make national development strategy consistent with European cohesion strategy guidance as indicated in Regulation (EC) 1083/2005.

Italy began setting up the NSF in 2005 with publication of the guidelines for preparation of the National Strategy Framework for 2007-2013 cohesion policy, which establish the unified approach to programming.

With CIPE Resolution no. 174/2006, the National Strategy Framework proposal was approved, which led to the conclusion, in July 2007, of talks between Italy and the European Commission and the decision to approve the 2007-2013 NSF, which, for the portion co-financed by EU Structural Funds, was implemented by way of 52 Operational Programmes.

The National Strategy Framework is organised into the following broad objectives:

(a) to develop a knowledge network,

(b) to increase quality of life, safety, and social inclusion in the community,

(c) to strengthen value chains, services, and competition,

(d) to internationalise and modernise the economy, society, and government; within these, 10 thematic priorities have been defined.

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