This is the root entry-point of the OpenCoesione APIs.

The APIs are read-only, freely accessible to all through HTTP requests at

Responses are emitted in both browseable-HTML and JSON formats (

To serve all requests and avoid slow responses or downtimes due to misuse, we limit the requests rate. When accessing the API anonymously, your client is limited to 12 requests per minute from the same IP. You can contact us to become an authenticated API user (it's still free), then the rate-limit would be lifted to 1 request per second.

Authentication is done through HTTP Basic Authentication.

You can request a username/password to authenticate, by writing an email to the following address:

If for some reasons, you need to scrape all the OpenCoesione data, please consider a bulk CSV download. See the page in the web site.

GET /it/api/
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "progetti": "",
    "soggetti": "",
    "aggregati": "",
    "temi": "",
    "nature": "",
    "territori": "",
    "programmi": "",
    "data_aggiornamento": "20240229"