Enterprises' competitiveness

The theme includes financial incentives or services for the creation of new enterprises, the setting-up of new production facilities or the expansion and modernization of existing ones. It also includes support for financial engineering tools aimed at enterprises (such as guarantee funds, funds for loans and access to credit and venture capital funds).


The evolution of the territorial context on this theme is represented by some statistical indicators available on Database of territorial indicators for development policies (ISTAT)

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Innovative enterprises

Enterprises in the industrial and service sector with at least 10 employees who have carried out innovative activities are 45.9% in 2020 compared to 30.7% in 2004 at national level.
This value in the South reached 41.8% in 2020 starting from 21.6% in 2004.

Enterprises with at least 10 employees who have introduced technological innovations (product and process) in the reference 3-year period as a percentage of the enterprises with at least 10 employees

Export capacities in the demand-driven dynamic sectors at international level

Dynamic sectors of the economy are defined as those relating to chemical, pharmaceutical and botanical substances and products, computers, which produce electrical, electronic and optical appliances, means of transport, including professional, artistic, entertainment and leisure activities. In 2020, the share of the value of exports in these sectors is equal to 31.99% in Italy, while in the South it reaches 37.67%. In 2000 the values were equal to 31.16% for Italy and 35.22% for the South.


Share of the value of exports in sectors with dynamic global demand of total exports (percentage)

Since 2007 up to today, the value of projects monitored and supported by cohesion policies to promote the competitiveness of enterprises has reached 27 billion euros, of which approximately 19 billion concern projects financed in the 2014-2020 programming period.

173,495 Funded projects
€ 30.4 billion Public fundings
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