Briefs, Data Cards and Windows

This section includes:

- OpenCoesione briefs: providing information and food for thought on cohesion policies and specific aspects related to ongoing projects, as well as updates to published data.

- Data Cards: a selection of projects dedicated to specific issues or events for the purpose of highlighting the contribution made by cohesion policies, while promoting the initiatives financed and related content in a clear manner supported by charts and figures.


Data Card - Dissesto idrogeologico

Martedì 13 ottobre è la Giornata internazionale per la riduzione del rischio di catastrofi delle Nazioni Unite, dedicata nel 2020 al tema della governance, e quindi alla capacità dei Paesi di predisporre "strategie per la riduzione del rischio di disastri a livello nazionale e locale".
In questa occasione la Data Card di OpenCoesione fa il punto sulle politiche di coesione per contrastare il dissesto idrogeologico in Italia. Nei cicli di programmazione 2007-2013 e 2014-2020, in particolare, il nostro Paese ha  promosso attraverso la politica di coesione 7.250 interventi contro il dissesto, con un costo totale pubblico di 7,8 miliardi di euro (i pagamenti sono pari a 3,5 miliardi di euro, il dato è aggiornato al 30 giugno 2020).


Data Card - At the School of OpenCohesion

On 12th August  is celebrated International Youth Day, established by the United Nations in 1999. The theme chosen for the 2020 edition is "Youth Engagement for Global Action". On the occasion of this day the OpenCoesione dedicates a DataCard  to "At the School of OpenCohesion" - the innovative educational programme aimed at promoting and developing principles of active and conscious citizenship in high schools, which accompanies students in research activities and civic monitoring of European and national funds.


Data Card - Slow Tourism

For years Italy is promoting forms of tourism capable of enhancing the landscape, artistic and cultural heritage spread throughout the national territory, and with the support of cohesion policies' funds. While the summer time is approaching, the idea is to present some of the projects financed by EU funds that concern cycling itineraries and paths, unusual and less-known routes, standing out of the traditional-commercial tourist routes.

This DataCard is dedicated to the curious traveler, aware of the importance of the environmental sustainability and tangible and intangible heritage.


Data Card - Renewable energy

EUSEW - the European Week dedicated to renewable energies is an initiative of the European Commission scheduled between 22 and 26 June. This year, also following the corona virus outbreak, the chosen theme is "Beyond the crisis: clean energy for green recovery and growth" dealing with the issue of overcoming the crisis, and how clean energy can be a tool for recovery and sustainable growth. The European Week is the reason for this Data Card, dedicated to OpenCoesione projects that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Data Card - Biodiversity

World Environment Day is a holiday proclaimed in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, on the occasion of the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme. Since 1974 it has been celebrated every year on June 5th. World Environment Day 2020 is dedicated to the theme of biodiversity, "the infrastructure that supports life on Earth and the development of the human being" underline the United Nations.
On the occasion of WED 2020, OpenCoesione thus publishes a Data Card dedicated to the interventions of cohesion policies to protect and enhance biodiversity in Italy.


Data card - Museums for Equality

On May 18 is celebrated the International Museum Day 2020 this year dedicated it to the theme "Museums for equality: diversity and inclusion". An even more significant day for Italy, where museums and monuments will be able to reopen to the public whether the safety protocols established by the authorities for flattening down the Covid-19 emergency have been adopted. OpenCoesione publishes a Data Card to underline the role of cohesion policies in supporting culture and cultural sites, and in particular of museums, with a focus on a small but representative selection of places where cohesion policies have financed various types of interventions favouring accessibility and inclusion: the Royal Palace of Carditello, the Verrucole Castle and several UNESCO sites in the Adriatic area.


Data card - Europe Day

Saturday 9 May is Europe Day, celebrating peace and unity in Europe every year. On this occasion, OpenCoesione publishes a Data Card providing an insight of the contributions of cohesion policies for the strengthening  a "European citizenship", starting from young people and students.

This data card focuses on two areas: Strengthening of European Citizenship and the Strengthening of school-work alternation courses abroad co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and by the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF) in the framework of the Territorial Cooperation.


Data Card - On-distance learning

As a response to coronavirus emergency the Italian Ministry of Public Education has supported various forms of on-distance learning. The important role in this process had Movements Educational Avant-garde and Small Schools 2 projects financed by the cohesion policies. Also “At the School of Open Cohesion” (ASOC) - innovative educational programme promoting civic monitoring in schoools, has redefined its programme, and submitted a detailed survey among teachers.


Data card - Citizens' health

On the occasion of World Health Day celebrated ever year on 7 April, this year the celebration is taking place while the global health emergency is underway - the pandemic caused by the Corona virus. OpenCohesion is publishing a Data Card dedicated to health operations financed by the cohesion policies.

Since 2007 in Italy 3,2 Bn EUR have been allocated for financing the health operations, both from ERDF and Development and Cohesion Fund. Health operations include: hospital infrastructures and purchase of healthcare equipment, medical devices and vehicles. From the total, 858 Mio EUR supported innovation processes, including the development of territorial health networks, the digitalization of health treatments, including, among others, the Electronic Health Record, telemedicine and remote assistance - focus of this Data Card.


Data Card - Rights to water

In occasione della Giornata mondiale sull'acqua delle Nazioni Unite, OpenCoesione pubblica una Data Card dedicata alle politiche di coesione e il diritto all'acqua, che accompagna un nuovo "Approfondimento tematico sui progetti in attuazione" nella sezione Open data del portale.