The OpenCoesione initiative is the result, in part, of agreements and conventions with government bodies and other entities that, alongside the inter-institutional activity of the Technical Group on Data Quality and Transparency, work together to promote open government.

The Partnership Agreement renewal with Ministry of Education is signed in August 2020. The previous Agreement with the Ministry of Education was signed in February 2017 for the implementation of the project "At the School of OpenCohesion" as a continuation the agreement signed in May 2013 concerning, in part, the provision of open data on schools receiving cohesion-policy funding, which can be found here.

Agreement with European Commission Representation in Italy (March 2018) in order to promote the OpenCoesione initiative and the project "OpenCoesione goes to School" through the Europe Direct network in Italy, which renews the agreement signed on May 2014 which can be found here.

Partnership Agreement renewal signed on 31st December 2020 with Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) is aimed at pursuing the dissemination of the culture of statistics among schools in the framework of educational programme "At the School of OpenCoesione (ASOC)"Previous Partnership Agreement with Istat was signed already in October 2018.

Participation in FORUM, networks and projects to promote lawfulness in the economy, which was established in order to provide a venue for representatives from the public sector, from industry associations, from the service sector, and from the social partners engaged in specific projects and programmes supporting a culture of lawfulness in the economy to work together.