The OpenCoesione team

A large number of people work on the OpenCoesione team because cooperation and participation are key to an open government initiative. It also requires the contributions of a variety of experts from the public and private sectors who work exclusively or otherwise on its behalf, and the assistance of service providers. The OpenCoesione initiative is supported by dedicated projects financed by cohesion policy resources.

The Technical Steering Committee guides, drives and thinks about what OpenCoesione does and how it does it. The Committee members are:


Lorenzo Benussi Paola Casavola Simona De Luca Aline Pennisi Luigi Reggi
Expert in information technologies and mass communication via digital networks Economic expert in public policy analysis and assessment Expert in quantitative analysis, statistics and administrative data for assessing public policies Public policy analyst, expert in open government and open data   Expert in open government, e-government and innovation policies


Operational activities are performed by a Working Group consisting of government staff, outside collaborators and service companies. 

You can follow (directly through OpenCoesione’s website) the progress of projects that have provided funding for the OpenCoesione initiative, implemented with the support of  

OpenCoesione is made possible by the contributions of numerous people who devote a significant amount of their time to ensuring the transparency of administrative data, producing analysis materials to actively engage institutional actors and promoting open government in cohesion policies.

The OpenCoesione website is developed with the support of Logo Depp Srl

Within the OpenCoesione initiative also the project OpenCoesione goes to School (A Scuola di OpenCoesione) is implemented 

Find out more about the team that supports OpenCoesione goes to School.

What’s left? The Technical Working Group, which is an interinstitutional group made up of members from the various government entities that are involved in implementing cohesion policies, works to improve the quality of the data published on the OpenCoesione website. Find out more