The OpenCoesione team

Many people work on OpenCoesione since an open government initiative needs collaboration and participation right from the very beginning and the contribution of various professionals dedicated exclusively and otherwise, within the Administration and recruited on the market and from service providers..

At the beginning of the project a Scientific Technical Committee was identified with aim to support OpenCoesione, in this delicate role of directing and coordinating the portal activity and content. Out of these Carlo Amati, Lorenzo Benussi, Paola Casavola, Simona De Luca, Aline Pennisi and Luigi Reggi can be mentioned.

On the other hand, operational activities are ensured by a working group involving Administration personnel, external experts and service providers.

The OpenCoesione initiative is supported by dedicated projects and related funds of cohesion policies.

You can follow (directly through OpenCoesione’s website) the progress of projects that have provided funding for the OpenCoesione initiative, implemented with the support of  

OpenCoesione is made possible by the contributions of numerous people who devote a significant amount of their time to ensuring the transparency of administrative data, producing analysis materials to actively engage institutional actors and promoting open government in cohesion policies.

The development of the OpenCoesione portal is carried out with the support of Logo Depp Srl

Within the OpenCoesione initiative also the project At the School of OpenCohesion (A Scuola di OpenCoesione) is implemented 

Find out more about the team that supports At the School of OpenCohesion.