Communicating the cohesion policy

The communication of the cohesion policy is an essential element for raising awareness of public intervention aimed at reducing disparities in the territories. The European regulatory context referring to the communication of cohesion policy has changed and evolved over the various programming periods, passing from simple information/publicity obligations to more detailed indications of communication, transparency and visibility.

In this framework, starting from the 2014-2020 period, OpenCoesione is the single national portal which guarantees transparency on the projects financed in the territories and which, with the 2021-2027 period, also assumes the role of improving the communication and visibility of the cohesion, together with the adoption of a single national logo starting from 2022.

All the Plans and Programmes financed by European and national cohesion resources are obliged to communicate the implementation of the operations financed with the aim to promote citizens' awareness of cohesion policies achievements and impacts on the territories. Among the key elements of this activity it is mandatory to display temporary billboards and permanent plaques that give evidence of the funding received and thus promote visibility and knowledge.

In order to facilitate the communication, visibility and transparency actions of the cohesion policy, the communication responsible of the Programmes are organized in a national and European network, now called INFORM EU, which meets periodically and contributes to the constant comparison and exchange of experiences.

For the period 2021-2027 the portal foresees a specific section dedicated to communication where available guidelines, useful materials and tools produced by the European Commission, in addition to what has been prepared as part of the activities of the Italian National communication coordinator.


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