Briefs and Data Cards

This section includes:

- OpenCoesione briefs: providing information and food for thought on cohesion policies and specific aspects related to ongoing projects, as well as updates to published data.

- Data Cards: a selection of projects dedicated to specific issues or events for the purpose of highlighting the contribution made by cohesion policies, while promoting the initiatives financed and related content in a clear manner supported by charts and figures.


Data Card - Giornata nazionale della memoria e dell’impegno in ricordo delle vittime innocenti delle mafie

OpenCoesione in occasione del 21 marzo, giornata della memoria e dell'impegno delle vittime delle mafie, presenta una data data card sui recenti progetti finanziati nei cicli 2007-2013 e 2014-2020 delle politiche di coesione finalizzati alla riqualificazione e alla ristrutturazione dei beni immobili confiscati alle mafie, al miglioramento della capacità di gestione dei beni confiscati e alla diffusione della cultura della legalità.


Museum week and Cohesion Policy

Museum Week, an initiative of Italy’s Ministry of Culture featuring free access to all museums and public sites in Italy, is being held this 5-10 March.

OpenCoesione will be helping to promote this initiative with a data card on the projects concerning museums that have been financed within the scope of cohesion policies.


27 January, Holocaust Memorial Days

In conjunction with the UN-designated International Holocaust Memorial Day, OpenCoesione will be focusing on three memorial sites in Italy with the support of cohesion policies through projects dedicated to promoting Jewish traditions, culture, and religion by redeveloping and setting up infrastructures co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the 2007-2013 programming cycle within the scope of three Regional Operational Programmes (ROPs).


25 November - Cohesion policy projects supporting women who are victims of violence

For the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which the United Nations General Assembly has set for 25 November, OpenCoesione is presenting a brief analysis of the projects financed with the help of cohesion policy funds that have the goal of supporting victims of violence against women.