Integration of entities with BDAP Entities Registry

The integration between the entities responsible for the implementation of projects financed by cohesion policies and the entities present in the BDAP archive of the Public Administration Bodies has the purpose of reconstructing a common registry for the public entities associated with the projects present in the monitoring system. The National Monitoring System, over the course of the various programming periods, has in fact enabled administrations to use different methods of detecting entities, not all of which can be traced back to a reference registry. On the other hand, the BDAP Registry, as a collector of personal data from various institutional sources, represents a common registry system for the Public Administration sector.

The integration operation is the result of a semi-automatic algorithm aimed at uniquely identifying and connecting the subjects to a reference registry based on a set of common or comparable information. The algorithm applies a matching criterion that is based on the joint comparison of a series of relevant fields: tax code, VAT number, mechanographic code in the case of schools, name and location of the subject.

On the OpenCoesione portal, the results of these operation can be visualized, starting from the homepage, in all the sections referring to the entities where the names and identification codes of the entities are more homogeneous and complete, while in the Open data section they can be downloaded directly from table of Entities, where each entity that has been reconnected to an entity in the BDAP registry presents an additional set of identification codes that allow it to be traced uniquely among the different personal data that make up the BDAP archive of the entities.

Hereinafter are indicated the main useful elements related the characteristics of the two databases and the integration methods adopted.

Data repository
Registry of public entities Entities
Reference area
Registry of public entities BDAP. Personal data of the Bodies that constitute, based on article 2 of the law n. 196 dated 31st December 2009, the framework of ​​the information assets of the Public Administration Data Base.

Public entities connected to undergoing projects financed by cohesion policies for the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 programming periods.



Institutional sources, internal and external to the State General Accounting Office. In particular:

  • IPA - Index of Public Administrations

  • MIUR - Ministry of Education, University and Research (educational institutions)

  • SIOPE - Information system on the operations of public bodies

  • ISTAT - Sector S13

National Monitoring System managed by MEF-RGS-IGRUE (details here)

Monitoring unit
Public Administration Body Public entities associated to each single project in the role of programming body, implementing body, beneficiary or executor (details here)
Data format


Tools for data access
Updating frequency
Every month Bimonthly as foreseen by the Official communication MEF-RGS-IGRUE n. 33921 of 28 February 2017 (detail here)
Key-connecting fields













Integrated fields

CF / Piva




Integrated fields OC_CODICE_FISCALE_SOGG e OC_DENOMINAZIONE_SOGG are present in all the datasets Projects with extended records, where are indicated distingushed by the role (see metadata)