Integration with ISTAT museums data survey

The integration of the data on cultural projects financed by cohesion policies with the data from the ISTAT survey on museums and similar public and private-sector institutions is the result of a semi-automated algorithm developed based on the outcome of the Luoghi di cultura e coesione [lit. “Places of culture and cohesion”] hackathon organized by OpenCoesione in October 2019, an algorithm which recursively leads to the comparison and subsequent control of the matching of text strings of the project titles and descriptions and the names of the individual museums surveyed by ISTAT.

The ISTAT survey of museums and similar public and private-sector institutions began in 2006 based on an accord between ISTAT, the Italian Ministry of Culture, and the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Italy.

After the first editions on a four-year rotation principle (i.e. 2007, 2011 and 2015), the survey has been conducted annually since 2017 with the support of the project for regional and sectoral statistics for 2014-2020 cohesion policies (see the OpenCoesione brief here) financed by EU cohesion policy funding (2014-2020 GOVERNANCE NOP).

The project also calls for various actions aimed at enhancing the availability of public statistics and other data in the realm of culture. Hereinafter are provided the main elements that will help the better understanding of the data outcomes of the survey and how to integrate this information with the data related to culture policy available on the OpenCoesione portal, where a dedicated Focus brief is updated every two months.

Data repository
Survey on museums and similar institutions

Focus Culture


The data refer to the museums, galleries, collections, archaeological areas and parks, monuments and monumental complexes (public and private) analysed annually by the means of the Istat survey

The data refer to the projects financed by the cohesion policy within the framework of the focus dedicated to the culture (updated at 30th June 2020)

ISTAT Unitary Monitoring System, managed by the MEF - RGS - IGRUE (more details here)
Observation unit
Information relating to the single museum concerning various indicators: number of visitors, number of employees, ownership, type Single project financed by the cohesion policies from which have been extracted anagraphic, procedural, financial and physical information (details here)
Data format
xlsx csv
Updating frequency
Annual Bimonthly as foreseen by the information letter MEF-RGS-IGRUE n. 33921 dated 28th February 2017 (details here)


Integration of the ISTAT museum survey with the OpenCoesione project data that falls within the Culture focus refers to 2018 ISTAT data and to OpenCoesione projects as at 30th June 2020. A subsequent update of ISTAT data through 2019 and of project data within the Culture focus through 30th June 2021 is expected within October 2021.

Integration in figures



Download the data merging

The two datasets merging has been done based on variables describing the projects and the museums in order to associate one project to one museum. (In the event of projects that can be associated with more than one museum, the association was made with the museum with the highest annual number of visitors)

The result is a list of projects associated with their respective museums, together with an repository that provides the number and financial value of the projects associated with each individual museum.

Project merging - museums SCARICA ZIP/CSV
Metadata projects - museums SCARICA XLS
List of museums and associated projects SCARICA ZIP/CSV
Metadata museums SCARICA XLS