Study of the transparency of European Structural Funds: new data and an OpenCoesione brief for #OpenGovWeek

For Open Government Week, OpenCoesione has published new data from the Survey of the transparency of European Structural Funds. The study, based on a survey of websites and website portals, explored the various approaches to publishing lists of beneficiaries and ...


Museum week and Cohesion Policy

Museum Week, an initiative of Italy’s Ministry of Culture featuring free access to all museums and public sites in Italy, is being held this 5-10 March.

OpenCoesione will be helping to promote this initiative with a data card on the ...


27 January, Holocaust Memorial Days

In conjunction with the UN-designated International Holocaust Memorial Day, OpenCoesione will be focusing on three memorial sites in Italy with the support of cohesion policies through projects dedicated to promoting Jewish traditions, culture, and religion by redeveloping and setting up ...


Territorial cohesion and holiday traditions

With the goal of promoting tourism during the Christmas holiday, supporting events (e.g. markets, fairs, theatre performances, etc.), and keeping local traditions alive, 45 relevant projects on OpenCoesione[1] with a total public cost of €4.8 million (source ...


Cohesion policy projects supporting women who are victims of violence

For the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which the United Nations General Assembly has set for 25 November, OpenCoesione is presenting a brief analysis of the projects financed with the help of cohesion policy funds that ...


Online brief no. 39 on research and innovation

Cohesion policy supports research and innovation activities for competitiveness through a diverse array of operations aimed at increasing or strengthening the potential for regional development.

The Brief no. 39 offers an analysis of monitoring data related to research and innovation ...


OpenCoesione: new version of the portal online

The new version of the portal has now been rolled out: graphical restyling and upgraded technology to facilitate navigation, now also in English, through the data on cohesion policy projects. To leverage the wealth of content on the site, the ...


Online la nuova versione accordo di partenariato 2014-2020

È disponibile sul portale OpenCoesione la nuova versione dell'Accordo di Partenariato 2014-2020, approvata con Decisione C(2018) 598 della Commissione europea a seguito dell'adeguamento tecnico del Quadro Finanziario Pluriennale europeo 2014-2020, che ha attribuito all'Italia ulteriori risorse pari ...


Novità sulle opportunità di finanziamento 2014-2020

La sezione dedicata alla programmazione 2014-2020 sull’homepage del portale si arricchisce da oggi con alcuni dati di riepilogo delle opportunità di finanziamento rivolte ai potenziali beneficiari, offerte dai Programmi cofinanziati dai Fondi Strutturali e di Investimento Europei (SIE) 2014-2020 ...


Aggiornamento dati al 30 aprile 2017 e Focus sul turismo

Online i dati aggiornati al 30 aprile 2017 delle politiche di coesione della programmazione 2007-2013.

I dati rilevati dal Sistema di Monitoraggio unitario a fine aprile riguardano oltre 940.000 progetti per un valore complessivo di finanziamento pubblico monitorato pari ...