Climate change and cohesion policies

Fifteen years ago, the Kyoto Protocol - first international treaty on the environment, global warming, and the containment of climate change emissions - entered into force.
OpenCohesion takes the opportunity to publish a DataCard entirely dedicated to climate change and to present ...


Data Card - Cohesion policy projects in support of victims of violence against women

With the opportinity of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which is celebrated on 25 November, the selection of projects to combat violence against women that are being financed by way of cohesion policies and have ...


National Tree Day: Data Card about forestation projects

In Italy, 21 November is Tree Day, an ancient tradition that was formally instituted by way of Italian Law no. 10/2013 on the development of urban parks and greenery so as to reflect on the importance of parks and ...


Places of Culture and Cohesion: hackathon with Sapienza data science students

From 2 to 3 October, a team of data science students from Sapienza University of Rome were engaged in the first hackathon based on OpenCoesione data.

Entitled Luoghi di cultura e coesione [literally: Places of culture and cohesion], the challenge ...


Online una Data Card per la European Mobility Week

Safe walking and cycling is the theme of European Mobility Week 2019, an initiative that the European Union has been promoting since 2002 in order to support sustainable mobility.

In line with this proposed focus, data published on the OpenCoesione ...


2021-2027 Partner discussion documents

Online on the OpenCoesione website the documents that trace the partner discussions for the cohesion policies programming cycle 2021-2027. These documents include both the presentations carried out during the meetings of the five Thematic Discussion Tables, and the horizontal texts that ...


Universiade 2019

The 30th Summer Universiade, also known as the World University Games and open to university students from around the world, competing in 18 different sports disciplines, begins today in Naples, Italy

For the Universiade, the Region of Campania allocated ...


OpenCoesione data available on the European Data Portal

Datasets related to cohesion-policy projects in Italy, published in the Open Data section of the OpenCoesione website, are now also searchable on the European Data Portal.

Projects with extensive records related to both the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 programming cycles have ...


La Corsa Rosa della Coesione

Running alongside the 2019 Giro d’Italia, the multi-stage bicycle race that has been held in Italy for over a century, Corsa Rosa della Coesione (a reference to the iconic pink jersey, the maglia rosa, worn by the race leader) will ...


National Day of the Seas

For Italy’s National Day of the Seas on 11 April to promote marine awareness and a culture of protecting the sea, OpenCoesione is highlighting a number of projects funded by cohesion policy that take a somewhat different look at the ...