The Year 2022 of OpenCoesione

In 2022, the OpenCoesione initiative celebrated its tenth anniversary, continuing to promote transparency, participation and collaboration on the use of national and European cohesion policy resources.

The tenth edition of the civic monitoring educational project “At the School of ...


Merry Christmas from OpenCoesione

This year OpenCoesione's Merry Christmas and happy holidays best wishes are accompanied by a postcard: there are six packages under the tree and each package is dedicated to a Data Card published on the portal during 2022.

The invitation ...


ASOC Stories: the eco-hostel of Locri and the "Young people on the way" Team

The fifth ASOC Story is online.This format collects stories related to the impacts of civic monitoring actions over time. A few steps from the Ionian seafront of Locri (RC) is located the Locride eco-hostel - an asset confiscated from the ...


Experiential awards for ASOC2122 Teams

Following the ASOC2122 AWARDS, the experiential awards were provided in November and December for the finalist teams Geometheus, Cattleya and NetErgy.

The awards are all dedicated at increasing the students’ knowledge and to provide the additional opportunity ...


OC & EC Cohesion Open Data Platform: updated the data matching webpage

On OpenCoesione has been updated the page that provides the useful elements for the Data Matching among the EU Commission Cohesion Open Data Platform and OpenCoesione.

Among the novelties there is also the activation of a new section relating to ...


Regional Public Accounts (RPA): Annual Data Update at 2020

Updated to 2020 the Regional Public Accounts (RPA) dataset that contai

ns information on the financial flows (current and capital account revenue and expenditure) of the Public Administration and the extended public sector broken down by areas of intervention, level ...


Conti Pubblici Territoriali: call per esperti

Eutalia srl (ex Studiare Sviluppo srl) è alla ricerca di alcuni esperti a servizio del sistema dei Conti Pubblici Territoriali (CPT), i cui dataset riferiti ai flussi finanziari annuali del Settore Pubblico Allargato sono pubblicati anche nella sezione open data ...


Cohesion policy and climate change: a Data Card dedicated to the projects of the CMCC Foundation

On the sidelines of COP27, the 27th  UN conference on climate change which took place in Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt) on 20th November, OpenCoesione interviewed the CMCC Foundation - a multidisciplinary research center that carries out studies and models of the ...


Focus and dashboard update: data as at 31st August 2022

In the open data section of the OpenCoesione portal are updated the data related to the In-depth policy analysis (Focuses), both those referring to specific sector policies financed with Cohesion funds from 2007 until today, and those that aggregate projects ...


Data update at 31st August 2022

With the publication of a new bimonthly update, on the OpenCoesione portal it is possible to read the data relating to the implementation of cohesion policy projects as at 31 August 2022. The interventions displayed are 1,811,769 (over ...