New online content for OpenCoesione, which turns nine!

The OpenCoesione initiative celebrates nine years by releasing new contents on the portal, with aim to enrich the offer for  users who can already navigate between open data and thematic focuses updated every two months, maps, interactive graphics, Data Cards ...


How do you imagine OpenCoesione in 2021? A survey to collect your suggestions

We are working with aim to provide to all OpenCoesione users an increasingly effective and service tailor-made to your needs in relation to the open data and other portal contents. In order to improve its usability we want to collect ...


At the School of OpenCoesione: reshaping the educational path

La sospensione della frequenza scolastica e la limitazione agli spostamenti sul territorio, entrambe misure legate all'emergenza Coronavirus, impongono una rimodulazione del percorso didattico di A scuola di OpenCoesione (ASOC), il progetto di monitoraggio civico rivolto agli studenti delle scuole ...


ASOC Didactic plan: new indications

In consideration to the closure of schools and the suspension of educational trips throughout Italy (according to the indications given by the Dpcm of 4th March 2020), the ASOC educational plan has been rescheduled. 
In this regard, it should ...


Open consultation of the 4th Action Plan for Open Government

Consultation for Italy’s 4th Action Plan for Open Government for 2019-2020 was opened on 15 March.

The new plan calls for just 10 actions (Open Data; Transparency; Register of actual account holders; Support for engagement; Regulation of stakeholders; Culture ...


Follow OpenCoesione via RSS

Starting this year, there is a new way to follow OpenCoesione news and information.

Starting today, anyone looking for timely updates on all the latest news and information published on the site can follow the OpenCoesione RSS feed in their ...


Nuovi contatti per OpenCoesione e A Scuola di OpenCoesione

A partire da oggi, il nuovo indirizzo di posta elettronica di OpenCoesione è, a cui è possibile inviare, come di consueto, comunicazioni, richieste, segnalazioni e consigli.

Il nuovo indirizzo di posta elettronica per il progetto “A Scuola di ...